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  • Roto-Molded Construction

    This isn't some wimpy, gas station cooler.
    YETIs are built with one-piece, seamless construction — just like whitewater kayaks — to take all kinds of abuse. So you can stand on it, sit on it, drop it and kick it* and never worry about it falling apart at the seams. * YETI not responsible for broken toes. Behind the Technology
  • T-Rex™ Lid Latches

    Say goodbye to busted latches.
    Our heavy‐duty rubber latches are made with patent‐pending technology (that doesn't protrude from the cooler) to keep them from falling off or breaking. There's nothing worse on a fishing trip than a cooler with a busted latch. So we made that impossible. Behind the Technology
  • NeverFail™ Hinge System

    If it ain’t broke, it’s probably a YETI.
    Busted hinges are an unnecessary evil. YETI uses a full-length, rustproof aluminum rod and a unique interlocking design to connect the lid to the body. Plus, molded-in hinge-stops prevent the hinge from ever breaking. Your days of lid-separation anxiety are over.Behind the Technology
  • Permafrost Insulation

    Makes ice shiver.
    YETI Coolers use up to three inches of pressure‐injected commercial‐grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid to make sure your ice stays ice. So whether you're using regular ice or dry ice, your drinks will stay colder, longer but your risk of frostbite will increase. Sorry fingers. Behind the Technology

    Win the Cold War.
    YETI's don't just close, they seal. Our full‐frame, freezer‐quality gasket circles the length of the lid to lock heat out and seal cold air in. So even on the hottest days, your drinks stay frosty. Behind the Technology
  • FatWall™ Design

    The other great wall.
    Thicker walls mean more room for insulation. YETI's FatWall design gives you up to two inches of PermaFrost insulation in the body for unmatched ice retention and dry ice compatibility. If it ain't cold, your ice is broken. Behind the Technology
  • LipGrip™ Handles

    We’ve got a handle on handles.
    How do you make tough, unbreakable handles? Seamlessly mold them into the body of the cooler. YETI's recessed LipGrip Handles are designed to stay out of the way and make transporting 60‐pounds of deer meat seem like less of a chore. Behind the Technology
  • AnchorPoint™ Tie-Down Slots

    Don’t mess with YETI.
    To keep your YETI from ending up in the water we've molded multi ‐ purpose tie ‐ down slots into the body for easy mounting to your boat, trailer, or truck bed. A secured YETI makes for a secure YETI Owner. Behind the Technology
  • More Features

    As if everything else weren’t enough.
    doublehaul handlesMade with marine-grade nylon rope for extra durability. bearfoot non-slip feetPrevents sliding to keep your YETI in place. vortex drain systemLeak-proof, rugged and designed for quick and easy draining.
    YETIs are packed full of other crucial features to help you out in the wild. From easy draining to rubber feet that prevent sliding –you can rest assured that we've thought of everything you'll need and then some.

    bearfoot™ non-slip feet

    Prevents sliding to keep your YETI in place. Behind the Technology

    vortex™ drain system

    Leak-proof, rugged and designed for quick and easy draining. Behind the Technology

    doublehaul™ handles

    Made with marine-grade nylon rope for extra durability. Behind the Technology
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  • built for the wild.
  • Roto- 1 a pointer
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    Roto- 1 c pointer
    The lid is one piece of seamless polyethelene. So even your biggest buddy can jump up and down on it without caving in the lid.
    The lid has a non‐skid textured surface so you can stand on it without slipping.
    The body of a YETI isn't glued together. It's one piece of polyethelene that is rotational molded so there are no seams.
  • tRex- 1 a pointer
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    Our latches are made from weather‐resistant rubber and are designed for positive reinforcement.
    The ball‐and‐socket system keeps the lid securely fastened and protects the keepers without the use of additional components.
    The T-shape allows for a comfortable, two-finger ergonomic grip.
    We drew our inspiration for the T-Rex latches from all-terrain vehicles.
  • neverfail- 1 a pointer
    neverfail- 1 b pointer
    neverfail- 1 c pointer
    Our hinge system isn’t added onto the outside of the cooler. We built it into the body and lid for added durability.
    The lid and body are connected by a non‐corrosive, sturdy, rust ‐ proof aluminum rod.
    Our molded-in hinge stop prevents hyper-extension so you won’t lose your lid.
  • permafrost- 1 a pointer
    permafrost- 1 b pointer
    We pressure-inject up to 2 inches of polyurethane foam into every square inch of the body of our coolers.
    Most coolers don’t insulate the lid. We use up to 3 inches of foam to minimize air exchange and to make the lid strong enough to stand on.
    Our polyurethane insulating foam has an R‐Value of 7 per inch of thickness, the perfect blend of thermal performance and structural integrity.
  • coldlock- 1 a pointer
    coldlock- 1 b pointer
    Plastic on plastic doesn’t make for a very good seal. That’s why we added a freezer-style gasket to help keep cold air inside your cooler.
    The rugged EPDM rubber gasket is recessed into the lid in a molded‐in channel and compresses against the raised surface on the cooler's body when the lid is shut to minimize air exchange.
  • Dry ice has a temperature of -109º F — that’s cold enough to crack the walls of cheap, flimsy plastic. But not a YETI.
    We offer up to two inches of Permafrost within the thick plastic walls of a YETI for superior insulation.
  • lipgrip- 1 a pointer
    lipgrip- 1 b pointer
    The handles are molded into the body of the cooler allowing for more room in the cockpit of your boat.
    Our LipGrip Handles are designed for stability to make solo-carrying easier.
  • anchor- 1 a pointer
    anchor- 1 b pointer
    Our tie-down slots are molded into the body, enabling you to secure the actual cooler, not a component.
    Easily accommodates a 1" strap.
    Fit other YETI accessories like cup and rod holders for added convenience.
  • more- 1 a pointer
    more- 1 b pointer
    Our second set of handles is designed for carrying your YETI with a buddy. The marine-grade rope is weather-resistant and won’t break.
    Our easy-grip, slip-resistant rigid handle spreads the weight out across your whole hand for a more comfortable carry. It’s even wide enough to carry with two hands.
  • more-2 a pointer
    more-2 b pointer
    Four rubber feet on the bottom of the YETI prevent it from sliding around in your truck or boat — especially when you’re standing on it.
    Also serves to elevate your YETI off of surfaces making it easy to clean the deck of your boat and maximizing ice retention on hot surfaces.
    The rubber feet are non-marking to protect your surfaces.
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    more- 3 d pointer
    Our leak-proof drain plug is threaded into the body of the cooler.
    Rugged grip is easy to handle.
    The two holes allow for easy draining without removing the plug entirely.
    A recessed channel funnels water toward the drain and out of the cooler for efficient draining.