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Hunting Coolers

Serious outdoorsmen know the importance of keeping game cold after a hunt — that’s why they choose YETI hunting coolers. Our coolers are built with thick walls, polyurethane foam insulation and a freezer-style lid gasket for maximum cold retention on longer excursions, and the larger sizes can hold an elk or a moose.

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More Information about the best hunting coolers

Make sure the meat you harvested is preserved with the best hunting cooler on the market.  Our hunting coolers will keep your trophy buck, elk, whitetail deer, hog, or exotic game preserved for days until you are able to get it processed. The YETI Tundra hunting series ice chests are available from the Tundra 35 through the massive Tundra 420 which can easily hold an elk or a moose. The Tundra 65 and 75 ice boxes are common for whitetail hunts.  For larger game expeditions, we recommend the Tundra 125 to 160 coolers. Our ice chests will keep your beverages and food cold for when you arrive back at camp or the lodge. You will spend less time worrying about preserving your game and more time focusing on the hunt!

Our extreme hunting coolers are the ultimate in design, performance and durability. We designed our ice chests to take the rugged abuse that comes with being out in the wilderness and to perform when it counts the most. The rotational-molded construction makes YETI Coolers virtually indestructible. The handles won’t break as you’re carrying your game out of the woods. The coolers are Dry Ice Compatible™ allowing you to extend your time out in the field and the ability to go further into the wilderness.  Plus, the YETI Tundra hunting cooler is certified bear-proof just in case you are hunting in bear country or want to keep your hunting buddies away from your beer. YETI Tundra hunting coolers have a 5-year guarantee and are the last ice box that you will need to purchase.

Hunting Cooler Features:

  • Rotational-molded, one piece, construction helps to make it the best hunting ice box.
  • Dry ice compatible for keeping your harvest colder, longer.
  • UV-resistant
  • PermaFrost™ insulation is pressure-injected to provide unmatched ice retention.
  • ColdLock™ full-frame gasket seals around the whole lid to minimize air exchange in your hunting cooler.
  • T-latches were designed to keep your hunting ice chest securely closed and built to last.
  • Padlock holes allow you to bear-proof your ice chest.
  • Self-stopping hunting ice box hinge.
  • DoubleHaul™ nylon rope ice chest handles make carrying your YETI out of the woods or mountains easier.
  • Vortex™ drain system is rugged and leak-proof.  The best hunting cooler floor is channeled and recessed for easy draining.
  • All Tundra hunting coolers come with a dry goods basket, additional baskets can be purchased separately.
  • YETI Tundra ice chests can be easily cleaned.

Best Hunting Cooler Reviews:

“We log lots of miles each year pursuing deer, elk, and all sorts of other big game. Being tough on our gear just comes with the territory. Thanks to YETI, we never have to worry about melting ice, spoiling meat or broken coolers. YETI does the job like no other! Everyone else is playing for second place!” – Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, The Crush

“I like to ice my venison for at least a week before I process it. I recently bought a Tundra 120 and placed a quartered whitetail in it. After adding ice and sealing up the Tundra, my venison literally stayed frozen for a week and a half without having to add any more ice. Thanks for making the best product on the market.” – Chad Bell, Louisiana