Jim Shockey: Uncharted Success

on December 2, 2014
Hunting for Kuban Tur in the Aksaut Gorge of the Caucasus Mountains (21) (1)
There aren’t many more recognizable hunters than Jim Shockey, nor are there many more experienced, widely traveled, and thoughtful advocates for the sport. Shockey’s show on Outdoor Channel, ... READ MORE

Down to the Last Minute

on November 19, 2014
YETI Coolers recently caught up with Gregg Ritz and his whereabouts this fall. Check out how he stumbled upon his Elk on the final minutes of what he thought was a unsuccessful trip down the mount... READ MORE

Photo Essay – “Land of Living Skies”

on November 17, 2014
Words and Photography by Matt McCormick, Seatcat Creative  “Land of Living Skies”…interesting motto right? But what does it mean? Originally derived from North America's largest un-interrupt... READ MORE

Justin Martin: Close to Home

on November 3, 2014
Justin Martin
Archery champion, college football place-kicker, home-builder, family man—Justin Martin juggles real life with a real passion for hunting, and does it all on television. “The Season with Justin ... READ MORE

Photo Essay: October Reds

on October 23, 2014
From the Golden Crescent of Texas to the panhandle of Florida - autumn is the time to search for redfish. It does not matter whether you are chasing slot-sized reds in Texas or bulls in Louisiana, whe... READ MORE

Eva Shockey- Hunting Letter

on October 15, 2014
In the last YETI posting we met Eva Shockey, co-host with her dad of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures.” Here’s her message to young women hunters across America. Hey Girls, If you’r... READ MORE

Eva Shockey: Camouflage and Cocktail Dresses

on October 13, 2014
Eva Shockey might be the daughter of Jim Shockey, perhaps the best-known hunting personality on outdoor television, but she’s racking up the street cred—make that woods cred—in a big way. In M... READ MORE

How to Pack a Cooler For A Hunt

on October 10, 2014
When packing for an early-season hunt, when temperatures are still high, you need to know how to get your meat cooled down as quickly as possible. Knowing the right way to pack a YETI cooler will not ... READ MORE

On The Road: Sean Regan’s Tips For The Traveling Archer

on October 8, 2014
photo 4
From your back yard to the Dark Continent, without a doubt the most import piece of equipment you carry to the woods is your bow. But your modern bow is not simply a stick and string. It is a highly... READ MORE

Sean Regan: The American Archer

on October 7, 2014
Sean Regan is with Wolf Creek Productions, producers of Cabela’s American Archer with lead host Tom Nelson, and Outdoor America and Benelli’s American Birdhunter. He just returned from a tough ... READ MORE