Late Season Gobblers

on April 15, 2014
YETI Ambassador Kevin Meacham, host and producer of Primos Truth About Hunting, takes us through tips for those last weeks and days of Turkey season. Even a pro like Kevin can have a tough spring, rea... READ MORE

Off-Season Scouting

on March 28, 2014
Lamar Smith is the host of Brush Country Monsters, on Sportsman Channel. I have hunted all my life in South Texas and have hosted Brush Country Monsters for the last six years. South Texa... READ MORE

Duck hunter DIY, first time filmmaker

on March 24, 2014
When a YETI pal sent us this video, we were knocked out by its sweep and intimacy: A man builds a duck blind in a low little nothing of a bowl in the woods, then floods the hole, and brings a few bu... READ MORE

In search of the perfect cow-pony

on March 3, 2014
Mark Pendl has been on the road for almost two-and-a-half years, which means he’s about halfway through his ambitious project to document the development of the horse in North America from its histo... READ MORE

Heartland Bowhunter inspires new TV show

on February 17, 2014
Ronnie Philips is a Yeti Pro-Staffer and Owner/Executive Producer of Heartland Waterfowl, an Outdoor Channel show that debuted in December. He sat down with YETI to give us the inside line on their ... READ MORE

Introducing the American Shad

on February 4, 2014
For all of you locked in the Polar Vortex, gripped in yet another Arctic blast, and shimmying along on skim black ice down in the South where these things just don’t happen: Behold! I bring your gla... READ MORE

Outside Magazine puts YETI to the test

on January 3, 2014
You think you’re hard on equipment? You think you’re tough? Maybe you are. But you’re no Joe Jackson. Over the course of 4 days, Jackson—he’s Outside magazine’s Gear Guy—and a posse o... READ MORE

Mallard Men

on December 18, 2013
Listen to these rocking highball calls, the deft two-man team approach to feeding chuckles layered over lazy hen quacks. And the volume—yowser! Are these the finest young duck callers in the land? ... READ MORE

Beyond the Butterball

on December 2, 2013
It’s big – big families, big meals, big expectations. Folks expect big come Christmas, which puts the burden on whoever’s queued up for kitchen duty. This time of year, that likely means whoever... READ MORE

Just add smoke

on November 15, 2013
Uh-oh.  Now you’ve gone and done it.  There’s a deer in the back of the truck and nowhere near enough room in the freezer.  You need to do what I did not long ago: Load a smoker with freezer le... READ MORE