Summer is just around the corner, and already people are gearing up for fun around the water. Of all the things you could forget to pack, leaving behind the cooler and the radio are among the greatest party fouls. So why not make things easier on yourself by having them be the same thing!

A YETI employee caused a stir around the office when brought in his newly customized YETI burnt orange 50. A local company,  Aquatic Audio, added speakers to the lid for him, effectively combining the two most important party accessories into one easy package. It’s a cooler radio!

YETI Cooler Radio

If you are nervous about cutting holes into the top of such a premium cooler, don’t sweat it. It is still fully functional. All the electronics are water resistant and take up very little space inside. The radio can be plugged into a socket or run off a battery for up to 12 hours, plenty of time to make it down the river. The ice lasts just as long as always, too. So no fear of warm beverages at the end of the day, either.

When I asked our now very popular YETI employee what prompted him to spring for the customization, he said, “Convenience. My friends and I are always hanging out by the pool or going tubing, and this just makes it so much easier. It’s all just right there.”

Whether you take the leap to combine your cooler and radio, or go the old fashioned route, we at YETI just have one tip. Don’t forget the ice!

Aquatic Audio