In this next installment of our Guest Posts, professional whitewater rafting guide Zach Collier shows us how just how much fun you can have on a river and how he uses YETI Coolers in his business. Zach is the owner/outfitter of Northwest Rafting Company and the Sundance Kayak School in Hood River, OR. He has been guiding raft trips for the past 15 years, leading trips throughout the Pacific Northwest and to such exotic destinations as Costa Rica, Honduras, Chile, Bhutan, Nepal and Siberia.

Zach riding helm

During the summers, you’ll find us hard at work in our office: the famous Wild and Scenic Rogue River in Southern Oregon. The Rogue was one of the original 8 rivers to be included in the “Wild and Scenic Rivers Act” of 1968. It is an American classic and a place that people travel from all over the country to raft. Our 4-day rafting trips and 6-day kayak schools journey through the Rogue’s scenic corridors throughout the summer.

River overhead shot

Loaded raft

Southern Oregon summers are hot, damned hot. Temperatures can easily exceed 100 degrees day after day, and it’s imperative that our food stays cold. If the Rogue is our office, our YETIs are our desks. They provide us with the food storage we need to serve the high-quality and fresh ingredients that our guests have come to expect. We have even been known to make riverside sushi now that we have our YETIs!

Riverside sushi display

Our most famous rafting trips are the Brews with Views, which feature microbrewers, Sierra Nevada, Double Mountain and Deschutes Breweries, to join us for a trip downriver. For these trips we bring 5-6 pony kegs of beer for guests to sample each evening around camp. To ensure that each brew pours ice-cold, we created a jockey box out of one of our YETIs, which impresses the brewers and guests alike!

Jockey box with Sierra Nevada

NWRC jockey box

Our thanks to YETI Coolers for making such a top-notch product. Because we run expedition-style trips, we are always seeking the highest quality equipment, and YETi® simply makes the best coolers out there.

To learn more about the amazing trips offered by Northwest Rafting Company and Sundance Kayak School, you can visit their websites or call (541) 450-9855.