The Pacific Northwest is blessed with lots of great things, among them beautiful scenery, amazing rivers, and fine breweries.  We, like many of you, enjoy all of those things.  The good people at Northwest Rafting Company (NWRC) have figured out a great way to bring all those things together.


Zachary Collier and the rest of the NWRC team lead multi-day float trips down Oregon’s Rogue River.  Federal designation as a Wild and Scenic River has protected the Rogue since 1968 and created a sanctuary for wildlife including river otters, mink, bald eagles, osprey and herons. NWRC takes their trips in style and makes sure that everyone has an incredible trip. Whether serving gourmet campfire meals like Dutch Oven Lasagna and sipping on their famous River Mojitos, you are in good hands with Zach and the NWRC team.

They are long-time fans of YETI Coolers as well. Not only do they use their YETI’s to keep food and ice cold for the 4-day trips, but they have also custom-fitted a Tundra to serve as a Jockey Box to serve cold beer on their trips.  Zach told us that they usually serve beer from local brewers Double Mountain and Sierra Nevada and noted, “Our jockey box is always a crowd favorite.”



“Choose a career doing something you love, not money” Zach said was the best advice he ever received.  Even though rafting has taken him to far away places like Nepal and Chile, seems like Zach and the NWRC are doing just fine on the rivers of Oregon.  For more information on booking a trip with NWRC call (541) 450-9855 or visit their website at