You could probably have guessed, but YETI employees are every bit as tough as our coolers. They are so tough they put grizzly bears in headlocks and shave derogatory statements into their fur, like “prissy bear”.  Several of them took part in the Run the Jailbreak mud run on March 31st in Austin, TX.  If you are unfamiliar, a mud run is an obstacle course race that is usually 5K in length and can have as many as two dozen various obstacles. The obstacles are specifically designed to test the runner’s agility, strength, stamina, and most importantly, their willingness to get completely filthy. One our accountants that ran said the most challenging part of the race was “running while being soaking wet”.


Could use a little more mud

It was a mixed group for the race. There were seasoned mud run veterans with several races under their belts as well as first timers. Seasoned or green, everyone was excited and ready to see what they were made of.  When asked what the most challenging part of the race was, the only girl in the group gave a very Miss America answer.

“Trying to look pretty, even though I got muddy!”

Team YETI might continue to be a fixture at local mud runs in the future, too. One of our account managers boasted that next time he would run it “backwards and barefoot”.

If you happen to be in the Austin area participating in a mud run, keep an eye out for us. Team YETI is hard to miss.


Much better!

Run the Jailbreak