Homebrewers are a different breed. They have passion equal to that of sports fans and hunters. That passion was very evident at Austin Homebrew Supply‘s recent parking lot party. Despite frigid temperatures and blasting wind, beer fanatics filled the parking lot and waited in long lines for local craft beer served from the YETI.

A jockey box magically transforms beer warm enough to burn your tongue into a delicious, frosty beverage via coiled tubes submerged in ice water. We’ve featured the jockey box several times before on our blog. Our neighbors, Live Oak Brewery, surprised us with their own ones (filled with their amazing product, of course). Find detailed instructions to build your own jockey box here.

The jockey box wasn’t the only YETI product featured at the AHB parking lot party that day. A YETI Roadie giveaway was prominent on the flyer for the event. We were so happy to be part of the event that we even offered a second Roadie for the raffle. We also gave away one of our newest products at the YETI table, the Tarpon beverage entry tool.

It’s perfect for popping the top of a cold beer if you haven’t gotten around to making your own jockey box just yet. The entry tool features a twist-off wrench, church key and can tab opener, so no matter what your drinking, we’ve got you covered.

The Roadie giveaways were a huge hit. People stuck around for an extra two hours because they had to be present to win. They definitely took advantage of the ice cold beer served from the YETI jockey box, too. The winners were thrilled and couldn’t wait to test out their new cooler. Judging by the crowd, they’ll probably test how long it will keep beers cold.

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